About Futuristyx

Futuristyx provides a group of services based on an accurate look forward into our immediate and distant future. This look forward enables individuals and businesses to make the most accurate decisions today whether it is investing time, money or emotions.

Humans are once again on the verge of a paradigm change similar to the one experienced just before and in the early 1900s when life changed completely with the addition of the light bulb, the telephone, the phonograph, and improvements in transportation, manufacturing, medicine, psychiatry and more.

Change inevitably brings with it some degree of chaos, uncertainty and fear. This eventuality can be somewhat mitigated by providing a look into the future using a familiar and comfortable way of viewing our current life, the news format. People trust the news. With the goal of reporting the future with at least the same accuracy as current network news providers report the present and recent past, people trust Futuristyx with their visions of the future. Students plan their education. Businesses plan their product offerings. Investors make financial decisions. Governments better plan for the future by envisioning it in its entirety, not in statistics, charts, graphs, PowerPoint presentations, but in a comfortable format familiar to all.

If there is doubt about the magnitude of the changes that will affect the core of our lives review this simplistic list of things that are currently and will continue in an ever increasing manner, to change our lives:

These are areas making huge leaps forward. There will continue to be incremental steps forward in computing, communications, entertainment, warfare, green technologies, all possibly making huge leaps with the use of nanotechnology and increased computing power. All this will be happening in the face of undeniable climate change. No matter who caused it, or who is making it worse, it is upon us and we are now experiencing the consequences in many ways. Unusual drought patterns, and deadly winter storms and tornadoes are just the first wave of what we have in store as the climate continues its change. Even if this climate change is brief, reversing itself in the near future, this brief change will affect the immediate distribution of the population, the population that continues to grow in an ever spiraling trend of greater numbers. The life-saving and life-extending technologies touched on here will only exacerbate the issue of overpopulation. While it may be the natural trend for the human species to reduce its fecundity due to population stress, this will also create very different social trends and understandings of our very life purpose.

You can not underestimate the impact of our future and you can not find a better way to envision it, than by using the services of Futuristyx.

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