Health News for 08/17/2017.

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Organ Replacements Grown for Human Replacement


In 2010, a rat lung was grown that was viable for about 6 hours. At the time it was known that not all cell types regenerated More...

End of Non-Voluntary Deafness


You no longer have to be deaf, you will be able to choose. Deaf people have had a choice over the years to have a device know More...

Teixobactin in Human Trials?


Teixobactin, a new kind of antibiotic is expected to begin human trials about this time. It was found in dirt and has interes More...

Clinical Trials Begin in Parkinson Reversal


In 2014 scientists in Sweden proved that stem cells that made dopamine could reverse the damaging effects of Parkinson's More...

French Sperm Count Drops Another 2 Percent


Sperm count in healthy French men in 1989 measured 74 million little swimmers. By 2005 it dropped to about 50 million, an app More...

Super Strong Collagen Curing Arthritis


Millions of people around the world suffer from a loss of collagen in the form of arthritis. Super strong collagen can now be More...